NagaConcepts was founded in Hong Kong and Thailand in 2000 by Charupan Wiriyawiwatt and Andor Hampala. The firm is operated within a studio-like structure with a group of talented professionals, currently the design works are being done from our Phuket studio. 

OUR Philosophy

Naga means water, is an ancient word commonly found in all waterbase communities covering most of Asia from South to East.


NagaConcepts are multi-disciplinary practices striving for design excellence and creative leadership in all aspects of our professional services. The practices offer architectural, interior, landscape and signage design services.

The practices take a functional approach to design without sacrificing aesthetic excellence. Projects undertaken by the practices create a richness of individual space. Our process includes recognizing the importance of lifestyle, technology and arts influences, without succumbing to them.

NagaConcepts understand the importance of designing to satisfy client brief. We are conscious of budgetary constraints and aim for buildings to be cost effective and energy efficient. Our experience encompasses museum, retail, residence and hospitality.

Andor Hampala


Charupan Wiriyawiwatt